Kaitlyn pics, page 10!  (May/June 2005)
Oh boy, how am I gonna carry all these books at once?? I just can't decide which one I want Mommy to read to me :-)
You've heard of Jack-in-the-box??
Well, I'm Katie-in-the-box, woohoo!!               5/4/05
It's 5/8/05 - Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!! We just got back from our big lunch...now I get to relax with my favorite dessert - COOKIES!! :-)
I'm caught!! Darn it, I thought I could get away with stealing all these tissues, how does Mommy know? ;-)
Hey, who's that little girl over there? Can she come play with me? :-)                                          5/16/05
It's 5/23/05, and I'm 17 months today - so of course I already have my own cell phone!! (hee hee, not really, it's a toy, but I think it's real)
Yay, it's 5/29/05 and my swingset is almost done - it's already bringing out the tomboy in me!! :-)
(Special thanks to Papa for taking these pics!)
This is my favorite part - the fort! I love climbing around up here....why do Mommy and Daddy have those worried looks on their faces?? ;-)
I'm dressed in purple, holding a purple cup, drinking grape juice that's guess what color - WHITE!! Hee hee, I'm silly...(don't wanna stain my purple outfit) ;-)
Ok Mommy, I'm all ready to go up to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ron's house :-)                                       6/5/05
(p.s. We had a great time up there!!)
Ok why do I always try to  squeeze in here - I get stuck every time!! (you'd think I'd learn by now) ;-)      6/14/05
Whew, playing drums is hard work!!
On, off, on, off, on, off.....this light switch is a blast!! ;-)
It's 6/23/05 and I'm 18 months today, YAY! At my checkup, I weighed 22 lbs, 2 oz, and I'm 31 inches tall, woohoo!!
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