Weeks 33-40 (although I only made it to week 35 1/2!! see below.....)
Ok I guess this starts the home stretch - and I do mean stretch!!! I feel like my stomach is stretching every which way, and I could definitely be in the movie 'Alien' with no problem ;-)

This should be a busy month, I have my shower(s) coming up, not to mention a couple of holidays in there that should keep me preoccupied! So I'll make updates as I get them, I'll try to take a current pic sometime soon.
Sorry I haven't gotten a new pic of me just yet, I'm still working on that - hopefully this week for sure :-)

But today is Tuesday, 12/9/03, and I had my first baby shower this past weekend - boy did I get a lot of great stuff!! And I've also gotten some other fabulous gifts thru the mail - so anyone waiting on thank you's (and I know there are a lot of you!), I'm working on them, I promise!!! Actually I'm probably going to combine them with your Christmas cards and save a stamp, hee hee.....

My 2nd shower is this coming weekend, and I know I'll be pretty prepared after that - when Randy comes up in 3 weeks, he's helping me put all this stuff away (whether he wants to or not) ;-)

I also had an ob appointment this morning, and it went well. My blood pressure is still fairly low (110/62), and my uterus has grown three more centimeters (32). I've also put on 2 more pounds in the last 2 weeks, so she was happy! She also said the baby's head is still down low - if it stays there (and that's a big 'if'), that could mean my labor won't be so bad - I can only hope!!!!!
Here are a couple of pics of me at 34 weeks, I took these this past Saturday, 12/13/03, which was also the day of my 2nd shower and it was a blast!! Special thanks to everyone who was involved, it was so much fun, and I got more great stuff and lots of clothes - I sure hope this really is a girl!! ;-)

But here I am, (sorry they aren't that great, but you get the idea!!), 6 weeks to go......
Today is Monday, 12/22/03, and just a couple of updates. First, last week my feet, ankles, and calves all swelled up to the point that it didn't feel like my skin could stretch any farther. It was totally miserable, and I could barely walk, especially up the stairs. It made me very depressed and I cried quite a bit. So I ordered some support socks from an online site, and also put on my tennis shoes (the only shoes that I could get on!), and together those helped a lot. Now I wear the support socks all night and by morning my feet are ok, and during the day I make sure to keep my tennis shoes on. I can tell I'm really starting to get big now - I knew it was only a matter of time!!

Also, last night I woke up at 3 a.m. with the worst heartburn I've ever felt in my entire life - my whole upper abdomen, and up into my ribs, was on fire, and the pain went straight through to my upper back. I have to admit that I panicked a little bit at first, the pain was so severe, and I was suddenly very aware of how alone I am right now. But I tried to calm myself down, took some Tums, also mixed ginger powder with water and drank that, and drank regular water. Finally about an hour later I was feeling better, and finally got back to sleep around 5 a.m.  I'm thinking maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday, I tend to slack on the weekends. Today my lower back hurts a little, which really makes me think it's a lack of water - so I'm drinking it today!! :-) My next doctor appt is tomorrow morning, so hopefully my blood pressure will still be normal, and if it is, I'll just chock the heartburn up to regular pregnancy woes!

I can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away, I'm so excited!! That means Randy will be here in 5 days, woohoo!!!
Major Update - KAITLYN IS HERE!!! My precious baby girl (it really was a girl!!!) was born the day after my last update - on 12/23/03 - turns out it wasn't heartburn after all - click below to read all about the delivery and to see a couple of pics :-)
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