Weeks 25-32, Page two!
and the answer is.........

80% chance that it's a GIRL......20% chance that it's a BOY!!! Ok I guess I should be kinda excited, those are fairly good odds that it's a girl - but there's that 20% chance that it was hiding all the marbles, so to speak :-)

So of course - what does this mean - can anyone guess -
YES THAT'S RIGHT..........ONE.....MORE.....ULTRASOUND.....!!!!!!

I think my doc is feeling sorry for me that we still don't know, so she's gonna give it one more try on November 21st. I'll be 31 weeks at that point though - I can't imagine there will be much room for it to show us what we wanna see!

Basically, this is what we could see:
....right where that arrow is pointing is the base of the spine, and she was looking for something to be sticking out right there - but there wasn't anything.....but, because its legs were completely closed together, there's that remote chance something that would stick out might be tucked in! So that's why she has to say 20% chance it could be a boy, because you just never know ;-)
So I'll continue to wonder for sure, but overall it was growing like it should, and weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds, 14 ounces - no wonder I feel so bloated! I think that's normal weight, according to the web it is, and the doctor seemed to think everything looked good. Here I am at 29 weeks, 11 more to go:
Little scare this past weekend - on Saturday, 11/15/03, my Dad and I had gone shopping all day. When we got home around 5:30 p.m., I went to the bathroom and saw blood everywhere. I panicked and ran into the bedroom to check the heartbeat. It was there. To me it seemed low, but I really couldn't tell. I ran downstairs to see if Dad could take me to the emergency room, and we rushed off. After checking in there, they sent me up to the Maternity Ward, because I was more than 20 weeks (I'm 30 weeks now). They asked me lots of questions, and I mentioned to them that I'd been self treating for an infection. I've had lots of "female" type infections during this pregnancy, but another complication of those was that I ended up with a blocked gland. Turns out that the gland had swelled up again, and from all the walking I did, I ruptured it. And that was what the bleeding was from. The doctor checked the baby and my placenta on ultrasound, and they were just fine. The baby's heartrate was normal, and I wasn't contracting at all. She also checked my cervix, and it was closed, and there was no bleeding coming from inside at all. So they fixed the other problem, and put ice on it, and gave me antibiotics. After an hour of being monitored, they sent me home. I was very relieved. I can honestly say I've never been so worried and scared in my entire life. But I'm feeling much better now :-) and I have a follow up appointment with my doctor tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be just fine.
And tonight, 11/17/03, is my first "Heading Home: the First Three Months" class, that's supposed to teach me how to take care of a baby - I refer to it as my "Babies for Dummies" class, ha! I sure feel like a Dummy. So I hope this class will help.
Today is Tuesday 11/18/03 and I had my follow up appointment from my trip to the E.R. Basically my doctor checked everything out, and things looked as fine as they could. The gland is still swollen and a little bit painful, but it's as empty as they could make it for now. She's going to keep an eye on it. But I mentioned my ultrasound for this Friday, and she decided to see if the room was open - and it was! So she wanted to go ahead and do my ultrasound today. She checked the abdomen to see what it weighs, and if it's growing, and it sure is - weighing in at 3 pounds, 4 ounces today. Growing just fine. I'm "growing" now too (especially in my hips and thighs!), but I'm not going to get depressed...........yet ;-)

But just as I thought, it's just too snug in there to really tell exactly 100% what the sex is - but in this picture to the right, she said that if it really and truly was a boy, there should be something poking out right where that arrow is pointing. But again, there wasn't, so she's still fairly certain that it's a girl. She did say I might want to hold off on buying too much pink though, just in case! And otherwise it looked very healthy and she was happy. Just said I needed to drink a little bit more water, so I'll work on that.
Today is Wednesday, 11/26/03 - the day before Thanksgiving, woohoo! I had another OB checkup yesterday, I've gained another pound this past week, my blood pressure was nice and low, and she was really pleased with how everything looked, measurements were good. I am having some irritating swelling in my calves and ankles, but that's normal for the stage I am, and as long as my pressure stays low, and I keep drinking lots of water, the only thing I can do is put my feet up to help (but it doesn't). I'm also trying to sleep more on my left side, like they recommend, but then I end up crushing my left arm and by morning my left hand is swollen too! How many more weeks of this?? 8?? Yikes!

Monday night concluded my 'Heading Home' (Babies for Dummies) class, and it was fine, I learned some things. Last night was my first 'Labor & Delivery' class, and my cousin Julie went with me (she's my coach). It was pretty good, we had fun. I think it will be a good class. I have to monitor Fetal Movements for homework this week, which is sort of stressing me out already ;-) This baby doesn't move much sometimes! But I'll give it a try.
Tomorrow is my first Thanksgiving back in Ohio - I'm so excited to see all my family! And at the end of this week I am officially 32 weeks, so I better start my last set of pages!!
One last thing for this page - today is Saturday, 11/29/03 and it snowed last night!!!!! I know, most people would say SO? But I haven't seen snow in 7 years!!!! At least, not real live snow, it was pretty darn exciting for me ;-) It definitely feels like the holidays now, woohoo! Here's a pic...
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