Weeks 25-32, Page one! (I have a feeling I'll need 2 pages again!!)
I'm just starting my 25th week, so I thought I'd get some updated pics of myself out here. I kind of feel like I'm having this baby about 25 years ago, when they couldn't tell what the gender was until the day it was born - at the rate I'm going, that'll be the first day I know!!! But I'm not bitter, hee hee :-) Anyway, here are some new pics:
This is me on 10/5/03, I'm 24 weeks and a few days. The top I'm wearing is my brand new Ohio State fleece shirt that my Dad got me for my birthday, woohoo! I love it, it's so comfy. And those just look like normal jeans, huh?
SURPRISE!!! They're maternity jeans, ha ha ha!! Aren't they sexy??? Actually, they are really, really comfortable. My own jeans were just unbearable to wear anymore, even for a short time, so I broke down and bought these - now I can really get fat!!!! ;-)
And here's a pic of the belly so far, getting a little bit bigger, but I'm glad it's cold out up here so I don't have to wear summer clothes anymore! If I wear baggy stuff (and I always do!), no one can even tell I'm pregnant yet. ;-)
Guess what today is - November 7th - ultrasound day (again)!!! I'm very excited, and I think Pudge is too, it was kicking me all night. My appointment is in a few hours (at 11:30) so I'll update again after that, but just thought I'd also update a few other things.

First, I caught a cold this week - my first one since I got pregnant (oh, by the way, I'm 29 weeks today!) - talk about MISERABLE. I've had other aches and pains during this pregnancy, but this cold took the cake, and all the energy right outta me ;-) Luckily today I'm feeling a little better - I am NOT missing this appt for anything, after waiting five weeks!!

Second, Randy's been busy figuring out when he can move up here too (he has to wait until after 12/31/03), but in the mean time he's coming to visit us for New Year's - I CAN'T WAIT!! I am really excited, and hopefully he'll be able to move up here early next year, maybe he'll make it before I'm due!

Ok that's all for the moment, I'll try to get an update out here again by this afternoon :-) .................
I know the suspense is killing you......is it PHOEBE??? is it PHOEBO??? ("Friends" joke!)

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