Weeks 17-24, Page Two!
(breaking these weeks into two pages, to put more pics on at the end of this month)
Just starting up this page to put pics on when I do finally have my next ultrasound at 24 weeks. I'll only update it if something exciting happens in the mean time, or if I take any new pics of myself ;-)
One quick update, today is 9/17/03 and I'm close to 22 weeks. "Pudge" has been moving off and on, but sometimes I'd get worried that I wasn't feeling it enough - so I broke down and rented a doppler machine to hear the heartbeat whenever I want!! There's a site called www.babybeat.com that rents the same doppler monitors the doctor's office uses, so I decided to rent one. The cool thing is, you can record the sound and upload it to your pc - so here's the wav file, about 15 seconds of heartbeat - just about 152 beats per minute, just right!
Click on the hearts to hear the heartbeat! ==>
It's finally October 3rd!! Ultrasound day!! And the good news is...............Pudge is just fine! And the bad news is...............Pudge is still "Pudge", we couldn't tell what it was - dang!! Its legs were down low and she just couldn't get the scanner low enough to get a good look to see what the gender was. We tried and tried to get Pudge to move, but he/she wouldn't. It kicked a lot, but stayed in the same spot. But, on the plus side, I got to see him/her, and everything else looked good, organ-wise. I even got a picture of the brain - OOOH, AAAAH! So I'll post what I got, and I have yet another ultrasound in five weeks (YES I SAID FIVE!!!!) so that we can try again. That will be my fifth ultrasound, sheesh ;-) She's in surgery in four weeks, so they had to postpone it an extra week. That will be November 7th. I guess until then, I'll keep using my rented doppler machine twice a day, every day, to make sure she/he's ok! Today the heartrate was 151, perfect.

And here are the pics.......I'll take some of me this weekend too - I've only gained two pounds in a whole month, can you believe it???? My doc said that was just fine though. Pudge is officially 1 pound, 8 ounces, and really cute, if I do say so myself, hee hee......
These two are funny, even I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking at here, am I a terrible Mom or what, ha! This one below I think is the head, turned to the side, the dark spot on the left is the brain, then in the right photo, I rotated it, and it's the head and face, with the left eye socket on the left (dark circle), and you can see the nose socket, and part of the right eye socket, and maybe a few teeth?? So hard to tell!!
This real photo below, with the foot sticking out, just cracked me up, when the doctor took the picture of Pudge's foot, right below it, almost the same pose, except going the opposite way - ok I realize Pudge's photo is REALLY hard to see, I couldn't for the life of me get it any clearer!! But believe me, it's a foot, ha ha ;-)
To the left, I am pretty sure this is a femur, I'll have to ask Julie (my cousin, and adopted coaching partner) if she remembers, hee hee! It could be an arm, but it was some kind of bone!!
And this last pretty one, is the BRAIN! Probably (and hopefully) the only time I'll get to see my kid's brain ;-) See the faint line down the middle? It's dividing into the two hemispheres, just like it should (WHEW!)

Sorry these aren't that great, but it sure was fun to see it moving around in there.....
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