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As of a few days ago (today is 8/19/03 and I'm 17 1/2 weeks), I'm starting to feel flutters! I wasn't sure at first what I was feeling, but it's definitely not something I've felt before. They're almost like little pokes, but sometimes they tickle ;-) I'm 99% sure it's the baby. Cute!!
Today is 8/26/03, and I'm 18 1/2 weeks. I've definitely been feeling the baby move around in there, some days not so much, other days I feel it quite a bit. It's so amazing! Yesterday for the first time, after feeling a slight poke, I pushed back and got a kick back - pretty hard! It was the coolest thing. Now I keep poking and pushing, but that hasn't happened again......yet ;-) Oh, and I finally took some pics - here I am in my new maternity top, and "Pudge" is getting bigger! (sorry about the picture quality - it's a pain taking a pic of yourself!!!!)
I'm so bummed - I just waited four weeks for my 20 week appointment today, 9/4/03, where I thought I'd be having another ultrasound, but NOPE! :-( I was depressed. All they did today was listen to the heartbeat via doppler - it was nice and strong, sounded great. But then she just did measuring and a normal check, and I didn't get to see Pudge! I was sad. So I asked when they normally do an u/s and she said if you don't want to know the gender, they'll do one around 18-20 weeks, if you do want to know (LIKE ME!) she said after 20 weeks, so at my NEXT appointment - (in a month!!) - they'll definitely do an ultrasound and check it out. Holy cow, I'll go crazy by then!! ;-) I could have sworn they told me I'd have one at this appointment. Oh well!

The good news is that I'm halfway there, only 20 weeks to go.....
9/15/03, nothing new to update for me, but check out these 2 sweeties sleeping on the same bed!!! It's actually Chyna's doggie bed, but the cat seems to like it now too. I thought they were just too cute, I had to post it. And Chyna sleeps with her tongue hanging out, I don't know why, but it's so adorable :-)
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