Third and Fourth Month Events (weeks 9-16):
These next two months were very busy, and I didn't have too much time to even remember that I was pregnant! We put the house up for sale, and within two weeks had our first offer, a full offer, so we had to accept. The downside was that we had to be out by July 30th, only 32 days away. We both decided we could do it.
I was able, with my Dad's help (he's in Columbus), to secure an apartment in Gahanna, Ohio, and begin packing. Randy and I had already decided what I would take now, and what would stay with him, so that was out of the way. My next task was finding a reputable mover - 1000 miles is a long way to send all your furniture! I did come up to Columbus for a weekend to check things out and sign the lease. And my Dad was able to pick up my apartment keys for me ahead of time, so that when my brother, Brian, and I arrived, we could get right in.
I had my last doctor appointment in Florida on July 9, 2003, just short of my 12 week mark. During this appt, they only wanted to check the heartbeat via doppler, and secretly I was hoping she might not be able to hear it that way, so that I could have another sonogram done. But, sure enough, after she moved the wand enough, it was there, 'whoosh whoosh whoosh', beating away. It was such a relief just to hear it.
Also in the month before my move, I was able to find an ob/gyn near my new place, and set up an appointment for her office for August, just in time for my 16 week checkup. I also ran around town in Florida getting copies of my records from my doctors down there. On July 29th, the movers came to load all the furniture that was going with me.  My brother Brian flew down on the 30th so that he could drive my car up. I rented an SUV to haul the pets in. The house closing was July 31st, and shortly after it was done, Brian and I started the drive up to Ohio.
Our trip went fairly well, and we got up to Columbus by Friday evening, around 6. I was so relieved to be "home", finally! It feels natural to be back up here, almost like I never left, even though I'd been in Florida for 7 years. The past weeks were so busy, I barely had time to think about being pregnant - luckily, I was not sick at all, only slightly queasy. My biggest complaint was the tiredness, which has yet to subside and may not. But I can live with that. I do sneak a little caffeine to help ;-) but not much.
Ok back to the pregnancy! I had my first appointment at my new doctor's office in Gahanna the Monday after I arrived, on August 4th. I did paperwork and answered lots of questions, but that was it. My appointment with the doctor was scheduled for Friday, August 8th. I met her that Friday - she's wonderful! I'm so happy. She decided to go ahead and do an ultrasound, since there was some question as to how far along I really was. There was "Pudge" - much bigger than the last time I saw her/him - little heart beating away! Very exciting. While the doctor pushed around to get it to move, suddenly it started to jerk - it had the hiccups!! So cute. And it flipped all the way over. I couldn't feel a thing, which she said was normal, it's not strong enough to really push on me yet. Probably by my 20 week appointment I might finally feel it. The doctor took measurements, and the estimates were pretty close - she updated my due date to January 23rd, 2004, so just one day later. I can live with that. So far so good though :-)  Check out the pictures below, it's not just a blob anymore! My next appointment will be September 4th. I hope I get more pictures then, too, and she said we can try to determine the gender. Realistically I don't care whether it's a boy or girl, although way deep down I'm hoping for a girl, only because I'm one, and I could relate to her better. But either way I'll be happy!
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