Kaitlyn Pics - Page Eight! (Jan/Feb 2005)
I'm a year old now, and I'm getting so big! Guess you could say I'm a toddler - here are some pictures to prove it :-)
It's 1/9/05 (Happy New Year!) and I've been 'cruising' a lot lately - I still need a little support, but it won't be too long now! ;-)
And I've mastered the sippy cup - what d'ya know, if you tip it up high, juice comes out - Mommy was right!
Look - no hands!! And I learned how to read too - hee hee, not really, but I sure am fascinated by toy instruction books :-) (even more than the toy itself!)
I'm either excited by a) my brand new outfit from Great-Grandma, b) my new shoes - (this is the first time I've ever really worn any!), or c) my animal cracker .....hmmmm I'd have to say it's definitely "c" ;-)
It's 1/16/05 and the only reason this box from Santa is still around, is that I like it more than the toy, tee hee (and almost as much as the instruction booklet!!) :-)
Yum, these Strawberry Shortcake party favors at my cousin Dyna's birthday party smell good enough to eat!!                                                      (1/22/05)
I just can't resist.......mmmmmm.......strawberry party favor......(that was in my Homer Simpson voice, hee hee)
This is how you brush your teeth, right? ;-)       (1/28/05)
This is my favorite toy right now - it's the only one I want to play with - at least until Mommy & Daddy take it out of the box!!! (then it'll keep my interest for about 2 seconds!)
WHHEEEEE!! It got up to 50 degrees today (2/6/05), so Daddy, Mommy, and Grandpa all took me outside for a spin - I had so much fun, can you tell??? ;-)
Man, just a few more inches and those cookies are MINE!!!! :-)
If I smile innocently, they'll never know I was trying to steal those cookies, tee hee hee.....                      (2/6/05)
Check me out - I'M WALKING!!!!! I officially started walking on my own (more than one or two steps without any support) on Wednesday, 2/9/05 - Mommy barely got the camcorder out in time!! (but she did, woohoo!)
Crawling is still my preference (it's just so much faster), but I'm definitely getting the hang of being upright and moving at the same time ;-) We took these pics this morning, 2/18/05.

Oh, and I can also now climb up an entire flight of stairs without falling! (but Mommy & Daddy are always right behind me just in case) :-)
Inside the entertainment center is my new favorite place to play - I think it's hilarious!!! Daddy shuts the door on me, but I kick it open right away, I'm so strong :-)
Hee hee.....you found me!!                               2/19/05
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