Kaitlyn Pics - Page Seven!
Did someone ask who was 11 months today?? 'Cause it's ME!!!!!!  (11/23/04, by the way) ;-)
Does anyone else think it's funny that my toy box is actually a BOX?? Hee hee.....maybe I should ask Santa for a real one...
By the way, I know this is a little late, but....
Here are a few pics from my very first Thanksgiving!! The first one is me looking for more food, it was so yummy, especially the mashed potatoes, they were my favorite - if you could see me up close, you'd see a fine layer of them under all those cranberries ....(I also loved the sweet potatoes and turkey!)....mmmm, de-lish!! ;-)
Hmmm, isn't this a little small to brush my hair with???
My other brush is way bigger ;-)
Hey!!! Who has my foot??? Tee hee.....            (12/11/04)
Click here for my BIRTHDAY PAGE!!! :-)
(warning, this page has music!!)
...and of course we can't forget CHRISTMAS!
Here Daddy, you can have my binky, I'll take the remote, I think Elmo's Christmas special is on..... ;-)
Wheeee! I love being pushed in my new buggy that Santa brought me!! And so does Elmo, hee hee....
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