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Yippee - I'm 9 months old!! It's 9/23/04 and I just had my nine month checkup - I'm in the 30th percentile for height and weight, woohoo!! I'm up to 17 lbs, 14 ounces, and 27 inches, yay! :-)
Did you know if you hit these round things together it makes a sound?? It cracks me up!! ;-)
Hmmm if I concentrate really hard, maybe I can climb up on this thing....
Yay,  I can do the splits!! (that's almost standing!!) ;-)   (10/3/04)
Hey! Let me outta this baby jail!! ;-)
Check me out - I'm in 'da hood', hee hee.....    (10/10/04)
I'm so excited to be in my new house!! I tried to help with the pest control by eating a fly off the carpet, but Mommy wouldn't let me (she's quick, I didn't even make it to my mouth!) ;-)
It's 10/23/04 and I'm 10 months today!!!!! WHEW, I'm exhausted from all the growing I've been doin'......
Boy, it's a workout carrying these pumpkins, but I can't wait to carve 'em for Halloween!
Click here to go to my Halloween page :-)
I'm on my way to the window - now that I discovered I can see out of it, it's the only place I wanna go!!! (and I especially like to bang this red ring on it) :-)                                 (11/13/04)
What's that Mommmy? You want me to show you my two new teeth?.....
There they are!! It's 11/14/04, I'm 10 months old, and I finally have teeth, woohoo!! And four more coming in on top, too  :-)
(sorry for the blurry pic, Mommy tried 10 times and this was the best one - I just wouldn't sit still, I'm too excited about my new teeth!)
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