Kaitlyn pics - page five!
I've had my bath, & I've got on my pj's, but I'm not ready to go to bed yet - Grandpa's here and he brought me new toys - who can sleep with all this excitement??? :-)
Mommy says I'm a future Buckeye - umm, what's a buckeye anyway??? ;-)
Mmmm...It looks like I've been eating barbecued ribs - I wish!!
I've really been eating prunes.....yummy!
It's 7/25/04 and I just turned 7 months 2 days ago, and look what I can finally do - I sat on my own for 5 minutes!! Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe it :-)
Look - I'm in the desert!! Hee hee, not really - Grandpa took Mommy and me to the conservatory, it was fun! And now that I can sit up, I get to ride in my stroller like a big girl, instead of in the infant seat, yippee!! :-)
My hair must've looked like a nice soft place for this butterfly to land - good thing I'm asleep ;-)
It's 8/21/04, Tigger and I went to the park to feed the ducks - they were everywhere!! (oh, and Mommy and Daddy were there too) :-)
8/22/04 -I'll be 8 months old tomorrow!! YAY!! And as you can see, I'm still waiting on my teeth, hee hee.....
Here I am in my new car seat - it's soooo comfy, it puts me to sleep every time......zzzzzzzzzzz.......
It's 9/4/04 and the OSU football season officially starts today - woohoo!! I'm ready for cheerleader tryouts - GO BUCKS!!!! :-)
Here's a close up pic of my shoes - they're Ohio State too!! I think it's more fun to play with the velcro than wear 'em, 'cause I'm not really a shoe person yet ;-)  But aren't they cute?
Get used to this view of me - now that I can crawl, this is all you'll be seein', hee hee hee.......vroom vroom......
What? I'm not heading for those wires and outlets over there, I'm just playing with my cups and rings, that's all....really - don't I look innocent?? ;-)
Havin' a grand old time in my piano - I'm a maestro!!
Mmmm, this butterfly tastes like chicken :-)
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