Kaitlyn Pics - Page Four!
Help! I've rolled over and I can't get up ;-) No really - Mommy? Daddy?
Hello - pick me up! I'll just use my hand as a pacifier until they come get me....
Remember the picture of my sister Chyna with her tongue hanging out while she sleeps - I decided to copy her!!!!
I've got this tiger by the tail, hee hee.... (Tigger is a tiger, right?)
So many toys - what do I play with first!!
My friends decided to join me in my chair - it's so much fun!
Hey Tigger - I heard a rumor, do you know if it's true???.........
OH my GOSH, it's true - I'M FIVE MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! (5/23/04)
This is me with my cousin Dyna, on June 13th - someday I hope to be as beautiful as she is!!! :-)
6/14/04 - Look what I just learned to do......almost.....almost.......
TA DA!!!!! :-) Hee hee.....and I can roll back and forth, kind of - I'll be crawling before we know it!!
How excited am I that it's Father's Day?? THIS MUCH!!!  (6/20/04)
Hey Daddy - I'm 6 months old today (6/23/04) - I
can have pop now, right?? :-)
Ok no pop for me - I'll just lounge in my chair for a while ;-)
Has anyone seen my socks?? hee hee...
Mommy bought me a hat to shield me from the summer sun at the park - I don't really like hats, but luckily I'm distracted by the ducks and geese :-)
WHEEE!! Let's swing higher, Daddy - and look, my hat blew off - woohoo!
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