Ok, Mommy, put me back in my bouncy!
Just chillin' here on the couch :-)
It's 3/9/04, I'm 11 weeks today - check out my crazy fuzzy hair!!
I figured out another use for this Boppy pillow!! Don't I look excited? ;-)
Hey! What's a girl gotta do to get some food
around here????
Mmmmm.....that's more like it ;-) Boy am I full....BURP!! 'Scuse me, hee hee
One of my favorite outfits - Winnie the Pooh!!
3/23/04 - I'm 3 months today, yippee! Mommy's got a whole duck theme goin' on here...what can I say...Quack!
Another favorite outfit that I finally fit - this one's from my Aunt Rachel - the top says 'Cuddly   Fuzzy   Furry' - that's me!    
   I just love it!!! :-)
...and here's the back of it - it's my "BEAR" BUTT!!!! HEE HEE!!!
Playin' in my crib again - I still like it most of the time!
Another outfit fits now - Koala bears, too cute!! Thanks Auntie Jessica!! :-)
Just in time for Easter - I look like..........an EASTER EGG!! Woohoo!!
Such a big girl - sittin' in this chair all by myself!
4/23/04 - four months old today!! And I'm 'just duckie' - that's what my outfit says, hee hee....
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