2/10/04 - 7 weeks today - woohoo!!
This is my 'Huck Finn' outfit - all I need is a piece of straw hangin' outta my mouth, and a fishin' pole ;-)
2/11/04 - Yay! I went for a car ride today to Babies R Us, it was so much fun, but now I'm sleepy....zzzzzzz....  And we visited Grandpa Byron and Grandma Betty, and weighed me on their scale - I weigh 8 pounds!!! My Mommy cried when she found out.... I'm such a big girl :-)
Mommy, look! 'Friends' is on!!
I just love that show!!
Grandpa (Dan) came over on Valentine's Day to babysit me, and he took these pictures - I'm his little hunny bunny ;-)
'What's that, Mommy and Daddy? You both want to tell me a joke? Ok....'
(after Daddy's joke)  -  'I don't get it'
(after Mommy's joke) -  'HA HA HA Mommy you are so funny!!'
Whew, I laughed so hard Mommy had to change me!! But at least I got to put on my favorite pink socks, woohoo ;-)
2/24/04 (Happy Bday Aunt Marla!) I'm 9 weeks today, and 2 months as of yesterday - here I am in pink again, but what can I say, it's my color ;-)
I look like an Arab Sheik - where's my camel!!
I'm finally old enough to play - ok maybe not play, but I'm definitely fascinated by this contraption!!
It's 3/2/04 and I'm 10 weeks today! Mommy took these pics of me over the last few days - these are some of the outfits she got before I was born, but I was too little to fit in 'em :-) They fit me now - almost! At my doctor appt last Friday I weighed 9 pounds, 1 ounce, yippee! Here's the back and front of one of them....
This white one is from my Aunt Pam - I was supposed to wear this on my way home from the hospital - I can finally wear it now - I'm so excited!
And Grandma bought me this one at Mommy's first shower for me :-)
Yippee! I just love Mr. Froggie... almost as much as Mr. Lamb... (that's him in the blue - I call him 'Lammie') ;-)
I finally like sleeping in my crib, it's so cozy!! Nap time....zzzzzzz......
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