Welcome to
2014 pages!!
In late November/early December 2014, we visited Orlando,
, and went to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios at
Disney World, Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal
Studios, and also Gatorland! Here are some pics from our trip :-)
It's Saturday, November 29th, and we're at the
airport ready to fly to Orlando, I can't wait!!
My favorite snack on the plane - pretzels
and tomato juice, yum!
We made it to Orlando, woohoo!!
Our rental house isn't available until tomorrow, so for
tonight we're staying at a hotel - Staybridge Suites :-)
They had a pool but we didn't have time to use
it, but jumping on the bed was super fun!!
That evening we had sushi for
dinner, I love Florida sushi!! ;-)
After checking out of our hotel, we still had time
before we could check into our rental house, so we
spent the day at Gatorland - click on the baby
alligator below to visit my 'Gatorland 2014' page!
Monday and Tuesday of vacation week we visited two Disney parks, Hollywood
Studios, and the Magic Kingdom. Click on the hat to visit my Hollywood Studios
page, or click on the castle to visit my Magic Kingdom page! :-)
(While we were on the airplane, the flight
attendant announced that Ohio State beat
Michigan, and we all cheered!! GO BUCKS!!) ;-)
On Wednesday, 12/3/14, we took a day off from
the parks to relax and have more sushi!! Yum!! ;-)
We also played in the game room at our rental
house, including air hockey.....
...ping pong....
...and darts! (And I rocked 'em all, hee hee)
Later that night we went to Downtown Disney and
I got a new stuffed 'baby Minnie', and also a
Mickey ice cream sandwich!! (of course) :-)
Thursday and Friday that week we visited both
Universal's Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios!
Click on the logo to visit my 'Universal 2014' page!
We had a webcam for the dogs so we could watch
them during the week, that's Joey on the bed, and
Chloe trying to jump up on the bed! ;-)
And there's Chloe on the bed all by herself!
(Joey was outside, tee hee) :-)
It's Saturday, 12/6/14 and time to go home
(boo!), we made it to Orlando airport, it was
decorated for Christmas too :-)
We're on the plane, time for my
favorite airplane snack!! ;-)
Wow we're up really high!!
My baby Minnie can't wait to see her new home, I
also got a new Pygmy Puff that I named 'Arnold'
(like Ginny's!), we'll be home soon guys!! Hee hee...
It was another FANTASTIC trip!! Best one yet, and I can't
wait to go back again in a few years. (This is my last set of
Orlando pages though, so I hope you enjoyed them!!)

 I can't wait to get home and see Joey and Chloe!!!!! :-)
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By Sunday afternoon, our rental house was
available and we checked in - here it is! :-)
The house had super cool rooms just for kids, like
this one with Cinderella's coach as the bed!
And this room was my favorite, with a castle bunk
bed, and even a slide to get down from the top!
We also had our very own pool, and hot
tub, they were awesome!!
I swam every single day except one,
it was so much fun :-)