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In early October, 2011, we visited Orlando, Florida and went to The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom at Disney World, and Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.  Here are some pictures from our trip!
We're at the airport and made it to the gate - that's our plane, I'm ready to go! :-)                   10/09/11
Snack time on the airplane, are we there yet??
Woohoo!! We made it to Orlando! Disney and Universal, here I come!! :-)
No parks on our first day though, we need to rest up for all the fun this week - I picked this bedroom at our rental house because it was pink! Hee hee....
We also had our own pool and spa, and I swam every single day (except Tuesday), it was so much fun!
It's early Monday morning, 10/10/11, and we're on the tram to the Animal Kingdom, yay!! We had to be there early to make it to our 'Safari breakfast' :-)
We did take a break during the day since we had to wait to use our Fastpass for Expedition Everest, so I hopped in the pool of course!
The rest of the day we spent at the Animal Kingdom, and took lots of pics....click here to visit my "Animal Kingdom page"!
It's Tuesday, 10/11/11, and we're headed for the Magic Kingdom, yay!!!! :-) (I've got my 'Pirate Princess' ears on, tee hee)
Click here to visit my "Magic Kingdom page"!
On Wednesday, 10/12/11, we took a break from the parks and just relaxed around our rental house, I loved the air hockey in the game room!!
And I also had fun with the mini basketball hoop :-)
But nothing was more fun than the pool....
....and the spa ;-)
We also stopped at the park right up the street from the house....
...and ended our day with sushi at a restaurant near the house where my parents lived when they were in Orlando! It was SO good :-)
On Thursday and Friday, 10/13 and 10/14, we visited the two Universal parks - click here to visit my 'Universal' page!
Hee hee, this is a picture of Chloe on the webcam at her kennel, we watched her all week on the netbook we took with us on vacation!! She's such a cutie ;-)
It's Saturday, 10/15/11, and we're at the airport, ready to fly home, but I had to pose for a few last pics, 'cause I'm so GOOFY, tee hee hee ;-)
How cool is this fountain, right inside the airport!
We're in the air and having our snack, we'll be home soon....I can't wait to see Joey and Chloe!!
It was an amazing trip to Orlando...both Disney and Universal were so much fun!!!
(Not to mention the pool at our house!)

I can't wait to come back again one day!! :-)
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