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(this site was started in August of 2003)
First and Second Month Events (weeks 1-8):
As most everyone knows, this is actually my second pregnancy. I started creating this site back in March 2003, when I discovered I was pregnant for the first time. But sadly, that pregnancy only lasted until 8 weeks, when it was determined that I had a "blighted ovum", meaning the embryo had not survived, in my case due to an extra full set of chromosomes, and was absorbed back into my body. I had a D&C done on April 2nd, 2003.
As far as the first several weeks of this pregnancy, there's not much to tell - I didn't even discover I was pregnant until I was already 7 weeks along this time! I had no indications that I was pregnant, I wasn't checking temps, or waiting for a period to come - I actually had called the doctor's office on May 28th, to let them know I had still not yet had a period after my D&C almost 2 months ago. They said they could give me Provera to kick start my cycles, but had to do a pregnancy test as a precaution, before they started it.
I went in for a blood test on Monday, June 2nd. On Tuesday, June 3rd, the nurse called to tell me that I was in fact pregnant - my hcg level was almost 60,000! (When you're not pregnant, it's zero. The last time they had checked mine it was only 8) My jaw dropped to the floor, I could not believe what I was hearing.  I was excited, but scared too. We'd decided to move back to Ohio, but were going to wait until the end of the year. I didn't want to wait that long now, or move with a baby, so we decided I would probably go ahead on up, and he would follow in January.
Since my blood test was positive, they wanted me to come in for a sonogram to see what was going on, and see if everything was normal. I went in for that on Wednesday, June 4th. Sure enough, there was the sac and this time there was a little form inside it - with a little tiny heart beating away! I was in shock, the ultrasound tech kept asking if I was going to be alright. I still wasn't sure how to feel - this was truly a miracle, I'd pictured months of fertility treatments coming our way. But since my fertility doctor didn't have anything to do with the pregnancy this time, my insurance wanted me to go back to my regular ob/gyn. I scheduled an appointment with them for June 11th. She also wanted to do a sono, to check things out, and it looked good and the dates seemed correct. My first doctor's office estimated conception around May 1st, with a due date of January 22nd, 2004. Here's the picture from that appointment, it's the blob where the arrow is pointing - cute, huh? I've nicknamed the baby "Pudge", since that's what it's doing to my stomach!!
As of the next day, June 12th, my estimated progress was 8 weeks along. Here we are at 8 weeks! Not much to show yet, just a little thick around the middle :-)
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