Kaitlyn's First Halloween Page!

I couldn't decide what to be for my first Halloween, so Mommy and Daddy took pictures of me in all my costumes. See if you can guess what I'm supposed to be!
We also took pictures of the pumpkins we carved. Hope you like 'em! :-)
If you could see my mouth, you'd see I'm saying 'Why Grandma, what big ears you have!'.
(Either that, or I'm saying 'Super Baby to the rescue!!!')
Hey Dad, I think I'm wilting, you'd better water me with that bottle over there ;-)
Hmmm, so this is why they always call me their 'Little Punkin', hee hee...
I left this sheep alone, and he followed me home, wagging his tail behind him :-)
Now for the pumpkins.....Mommy helped me carve these, aren't they cool? Ok so she did all the carving, and I just watched. Actually I slept, more than watched, it was past my bedtime, tee hee....
Here are some close-up pics of all three - the first one is the Headless Horseman, the next one is a kitty cat, and the last one is a witch with her cauldron. They were fun - we also roasted all the seeds, yummy!
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