Welcome to my
2014 page!
For this year's costume, I picked a "witch", with cobwebs on my
dress and hat, and I had a cobweb necklace and earrings to match!
Our first stop again this year was the
North Market, it was a nice day out so I
got to trick or treat indoors, and out! :-)
And then we went home and carved our
own pumpkins, it was so much fun!
We did three big ones, and a tiny one...these two
are a witch hitting a tree and a haunted house!
Also a witch's cauldron, and I
carved the tiny one all by myself!
And Joey was Dracula, tee hee...
We like to coordinate the dogs' costumes with
mine, so Chloe was a witch like me.....
Finally trick or treat time, woohoo!
I like to trick or treat with my friend Kaitlyn,
she was a cat to go with my witch outfit :-)
As it got darker outside, our decorations looked
scarier, like this inflatable ghost, boo!!
And our buried zombie and
feet "running" away ;-)
It was another super fun year!! This
is my last "Halloween" page but I
hope you've liked all of them!! :-)
After a while I was getting cold and tired, so I covered up
with our new Halloween blanket from Papa (thanks Papa!)
I wasn't too tired though to help pass out candy :-)
Another amazing haul - I love Halloween!!
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