Welcome to my
2013 page!
This year I decided to be "Abbey Bominable", one of the Monster High
dolls (the daughter of the Abominable Snowman). I got to dress up four
times this year!! At the North Market, for my music school Halloween
party, and then twice for trick or treating, due to a bad storm on
Halloween night! Here are a few pics, and this is a picture of Abbey.... :-)
First, on 10/27/13, we went down to the North Market for
their trick or treat. It was a beautiful day, but I like coming
here because it's almost all indoors, so I don't need a jacket!
We also carved pumpkins during the week, starting
with this Ohio State one - go Buckeyes!! :-)
And we did two to go along with my Monster
High costume, first, the Monster High logo....
...and also this one of Frankie Stein (daughter of Frankenstein),
we couldn't find an Abbey pattern so we tried this one instead :-)
And last was this 'haunted house', check out
the wolf in the window, the cat in the door,
and the spooky guy peeking around the corner
of the house - cool! Hee hee....
On 10/31/13, a terrible storm came through town and
all the local trick or treats were postponed (bummer!),
but we still dressed up the dogs :-) This year Chloe was
'Red Riding Hood', here's a collage of her in costume!
Of course that meant Joey would be the 'Big Bad Wolf',
hmmm I don't think he's quite scary enough!! (I guess
in this version of the story, they're friends, tee hee) ;-)
Finally on 11/2/13, we were able to go trick or treating over at
Papa's house, one nice thing about postponing meant I'd get to
trick or treat twice! Here's a pic of me with my Abbey doll :-)
Don't be sad, Abbey, we still look fierce!! Hee hee...
Woohoo, I skipped off to go find candy :-)
And I found a ton of candy in Papa's neighborhood!
But I did get tired so I helped pass some out, too :-)
Almost 90 pieces of candy at Papa's!!! YES!!
The next day (11/3/13) it was FINALLY time for our
neighborhood to trick or treat! I was excited, and so
was Chloe, she even put on her best pumpkin shirt :-)
I'm ready too, all I need is my wig!! :-)
My first stop, like always, is Tracy's house! To get candy
and to say 'hi' :-) How pretty is this tree in her front yard?
I hit a LOT of houses this year (along with my
friend Kaitlyn), but we did eventually get tired ;-)
So I helped hand out candy for a while ;-)
Even though our original trick or treat was
postponed, it worked out for the best - I got my
biggest stash of candy yet, over 250 pieces!!
WOOHOO!! :-)
Special thanks to Papa for letting us trick or treat in
his neighborhood too - he rocks!!
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