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For this year's Halloween, the theme was PIRATES!! I dressed as 'Angelica' from 'Pirates of the Caribbean', my Mommy was a pirate too, my Papa was 'Jack Sparrow' from 'Pirates of the Carribean', and our dogs were pirates too!! Here are some pics from the month, I got to trick or treat THREE times!! Woohoo!! :-)
My first night of trick or treat was at the Jefferson Community Park Halloween party....and I met up with my BFF Ava, she was "Pajama girl" ;-)
We really wanted to check out the "haunted forest" even though our parents warned us not to - this sign tried to warn us too, we really should have listened!!
But we survived the scary forest, and then we got to play games, and even pet a police horse!! Plus we got a bunch of candy, so it was a success :-)
My 2nd trick or treat was at the North Market in Columbus, I like this one because it's all indoors :-)
Everyone liked my costume, and I got a lot of candy!
And there was a guy there making balloon animals....he made this black swan for me!
It's Halloween!! And this monkey is totally excited because the dogs dressed up too!! ;-)                10/31/12
Chloe dressed up first, she was the cutest little doggie pirate that ever sailed the 7 seas!! Arrrr! Hee hee :-)
She even had a cute little pirate hat :-)
She's the sweetest little scaliwag there ever was, matey, arrrr, hee hee hee :-)
This shot is cute because it looks like she has a long black beard - like Blackbeard!! Tee hee!! ;-)
And of course Joey dressed up next, he's a pirate too, and he even has a "hook" for a hand, I mean paw, hee hee!
I'm a serious pirate, Grrrrr, I mean ARRRR!!! Tee hee ;-)
And he has a parrot on his hat, brrraaaacckkk!! Too cute! :-)
Daddy didn't want to be a pirate, he was still 'Jason', but Papa was a true pirate - Jack Sparrow!! Ok, that's Jack's head on Papa's body, but still, pretty cool, right!!
And in this pic we blurred out his face, but we just had to show Papa's costume, it was amazing!! He looked awesome!! And Mommy was a pirate too! ARRRR hee hee :-)
Before trick or treat even started, our neighbors brought me a ton of candy!! They are so sweet :-)
That was a lot of candy, but I still wanted to go trick or treating, hee hee ;-)
And of course we had to carve a few pumpkins, four of them to be exact!! I helped Mommy with this one, I picked it out myself, an owl :-)
The other three are 'pirate' related (of course!), starting with this one :-)
And Mommy just had to see if she could do "The Black Pearl", it is Jack Sparrow's ship after all!!
And finally, it just wouldn't be right if we didn't also do Captain Jack Sparrow himself!!!! ;-)
Since it was sprinkling outside, we moved our pumpkins and other outside decorations into the garage, and handed out candy from there :-)

And we also hung some decorations in the front window too ;-)
After walking around most of the neighborhood (or at least it felt like it!) I eventually came back to pass out candy with Captain Jack ;-)
And I think I did pretty well considering how cold and rainy it was!! :-)
Overall it was a fantastic night - the rain didn't stop us from having a fabulous time!! And special thanks again this year to Papa for dressing up as Jack Sparrow - he looked SO AWESOME!! Best costume yet! :-)

And to all my pirate mates - Yo ho ho and a bottle of root beer, ARRrrrrrr!! Hee hee....and as always.....
Until next year!
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