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It's that time of year again - Halloween! One of my favorite times of the year :-) You probably saw my costume in the Disney pages (I'm Princess Jasmine), but we just had to dress up the dogs too - this year Chloe is an angel, and Joey is a devil (just like in real life, TEE HEE!!) :-) Here's Chloe in her costume....
I think this face is trying to tell us what she thinks about dressing up ("blech!") hee hee hee.....
At least Joey seems to like his costume, gimmie some paw! ;-) And it's so perfect for him, he's such an ornery little devil....
Our little angel and devil, aren't they cute? :-)
And here I am, a chilly Princess Jasmine (no fair that I have to wear a coat and socks!! why can't Ohio be warm like Florida??), but I'm still excited for trick or treat....before we go though, here are our 'pumpkins' for this year and some of our new decorations!
Since we were busy getting ready for vacation this year, we decided to go easy with the pumpkins - this first one is super easy - it's just stickers!! :-)
This next one is easy too, just a ghost in a window with a candle, it wasn't too bad to carve ;-)
And this one wasn't too bad either, it's just a bat!
We also got a few new Halloween decorations....the cobweb is from Papa for Mommy's birthday, the skull is from the Magic Kingdom at Mickey's Halloween party, and we also bought some Halloween clings for the windows :-)
We also bought a new cat, witch hat, and spider...I saw them and just couldn't resist (and begged until I got 'em) ;-)
It's finally trick or treat time, yippee!!! :-)
As I get older I can go farther and farther, too, I stayed out for over an hour this time!
But I finally came home because my feet were getting tired, so I passed out candy, my second favorite thing to do on Halloween :-)
I made a pretty good haul, too, almost 100 pieces of candy, woohoo!!
I love my candy so much I could kiss it, hee hee.....
It was chilly this year, but no rain (whew), and still so much fun!! Thanks to Papa for coming over and trick or treating with me again this year! I can hardly wait 'til next year!! (Maybe I can get 200 pieces of candy??) And as always.....
Until next year!
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