Welcome to my Halloween 2010 page!
This year for Halloween, I wanted to be 'Dorothy', from the Wizard of Oz (one of my favorite movies), and I got to trick or treat three times....here are some pics from each of those! :-)
My first chance to trick or treat was at the Jefferson Township park on 10/16/10, here I am as 'Dorothy', with my very best friend, Ava, she was a fairy :-)
We had so much fun, we went on a hayride, saw animals, had hot chocolate, and even got to stir the "witches brew", cool! ;-)
It's 10/28/10, and officially our neighborhood trick-or-treat night, and I'm ready!! :-)  (And so is 'Toto'!)
I dressed up, and so did Chloe (she was a "hot dog", hee hee hee) :-)
And Joey was 'Ketchup', get it, 'Hot Dog' and 'Ketchup', TEE HEE HEE :-)
Hmmm, is it just me, or does Ketchup look like it wants to take a bite out of the Hot Dog!!! ;-)
I dressed up, the dogs dressed up, and so did my Daddy!!! Ok, Daddy, you're scary!! But it's time to trick-or-treat :-)
My first stop, as always, was our neighbor Tracy's house, she always has the best candy!! :-)
After I got too tired from trick-or-treating, I had so much fun giving out candy (especially big handfuls!!)
Daddy was trying to scare the kids, but he didn't scare me :-)
We 'carved' three pumpkins this year (ok, Mommy carved two, and I drew the other one), here they are :-)
The first one we carved, said "Trick or Treat" (which ended up harder to do than it looked!)
The second one we carved went with the theme of my costume this year - it's Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow, can you tell? :-)
With flash (looks like daytime!)....
Without flash (nope, it's dark out!)....oh, and we cheated with those 2 pumpkins, they plug in :-)
I was pretty happy with my amount of candy this year...I would have gone to even more houses, but it was really really cold!!
And now I'm really really tired.....zzzzz....but I had such a blast!! Special thanks to Papa for trick or treating with me again this year!!
My third time to go trick or treating was at the North Market in downtown Columbus on Halloween day, 10/31/10....I love going here because it's inside and I don't have to wear a coat!!
And I also love how some of the vendors put a bucket of candy out in the open, what kid can resist that?? :-)
They had a guy making balloon animals, too, so I requested a white swan :-)
And on our way out (after getting a ton of candy, woohoo!!), I got to play in the bounce house outside, yippee!!
All three trick or treats were SO much fun, and I think I have enough candy to last me until next Halloween!! Thanks again to Papa for coming over and for dressing up (you're going to have to wear that wig now every year, we loved it, and the earring too, hee hee)....and as always....
See you next year! :-)
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