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During 2009, I got hooked on the 'Harry Potter' movies, and decided I wanted to be 'Hermione' for Halloween this year (I already have the hair, so why not? hee hee) Here are some pics! :-)

(The picture to the right is Hermione, Harry, and Ron, they are in Gryffindor House at Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards, the picture on the top left)
And here I am - Hermione! Can't see the resemblance? Hmmm, how about these 'side by side' pics....
Technically Harry is the one with a white owl (Hedwig), but since I had a stuffed one, I decided to pose with it ;-)
I also wanted Papa to go trick or treating with me, as Professor Snape, and here we are....doesn't he look just like him????? TEE HEE HEE (that's 'cause it is, we put the real Professor Snape's picture over Papa's, but he did look just like him!) :-)
I thought I'd try out a few spells on Chloe....
"Oculus reparo"!
Tee hee, just kidding (besides, that's the spell to repair eyeglasses, and Chloe doesn't wear glasses!!) :-)
Next it was time to trick or treat.....
Let's go, Papa, I mean Professor Snape, I want some candy!!
We also carved a few pumpkins again this year, Daddy did this one, it kinda looks like my trick or treat bucket!
This one was my request - can you tell who it is? It's Sleeping Beauty :-) (Mommy carved it)
Mommy did this one too, it's a haunted house....
And speaking of pumpkins (hee hee)....
WHEW, this Hermione is beat, but Professor Snape and I sure did get a lot of candy, woohoo!! (And he gave his share to me, YAY!)
Special BIG thanks to Papa for trick or treating with me (and for dressing up!! he looked awesome!!)....I can't wait til next year!

                      And as always.....
See you next year!
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