Welcome to my Halloween 2008 page!
On 10/26/08, we went trick or treating at the North Market in downtown Columbus. It's inside, and the vendors pass out candy. I got to dress up in my Cinderella dress from Disney. And everyone liked my pink pumpkin too :-)
We were thinking of taking Joey to a Halloween pet parade, but decided the North Market would be more fun....we still dressed him up though as 'Prince Charming' (and he didn't even mind, except for the crown, he wouldn't wear that) ;-)
Here we are - Princess Cinderella and her Prince Charming (Joey is Prince Philip, to be exact, tee hee) ;-)
And we didn't want to leave Chloe out, so we dressed her as Cinderella's horse...sort of!! (It's the blanket that goes on the back of "Cinderella Barbie's" horse, she wore it for about 2 seconds) :-)
It's 10/30/08, and it's trick or treat night in our neighborhood....Papa came over to go with us, and we took Chloe too.....I gotta go get changed!
This 'princess' hat from my Mrs Potato Head fits Chloe perfectly....she didn't want to wear it though, oh well ;-)
And here I am - Tinkerbell! :-)
I even had Tinkerbell shoes, hee hee...
Mmmm, who needs to trick or treat, when I have all this candy already.....
I was afraid of this skull decoration, until we put a blonde wig on it, then I thought it was hilarious ;-)
Papa also brought me a new 'Mrs Potato Head' kit to make a Princess Pumpkin, isn't she pretty? (Thanks, Papa!)
This year we carved four pumpkins.....
...and this one with a cat, spider, and pumpkin (I liked Ariel the best, but Mommy liked this one the best)
...this one was called 'Fright Lights', it was just like a light bright.....
Then we went trick or treating....the sun was still out at first, and it made my wings sparkle :-)
Oh boy, what did I get??
Then I took a break and helped pass out candy....
I was only allowed one piece once we came in, and I chose a chocolate 'eyeball'....I should've picked one of the full size candy bars that I got! (Doh! Tee hee) ;-)
Papa wore a funny hat, and Chloe liked attacking it (And his wig too)
I tried his hat on too....it didn't quite fit me :-)
But I sure had fun - special thanks to Papa for coming over!!
On 10/31/08, they did trick or treat at my Grandma and Grandpa's house, so I got to go one more time - I was 'Ariel' this time :-)
It didn't take long before I had to be carried around, but I definitely wanted to keep going!
Oooh, I knew it would be worth it to keep going, look at all the candy!!
It sure was a great Halloween this year, I had so much fun....and to everyone....
See you next year!
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