Welcome to my Halloween 2005 page!
This was my first year to go trick or treating! Mommy decided that this year I would be a fairy princess (because I still won't wear anything on my head, except for barrettes).

We carved two pumpkins, and decorated the front of our house with those, and a fog machine, scary music, a strobe light, and cobwebs. It was fun! I helped Mommy put plastic spiders in the cobwebs, and helped Daddy hang the "shrunken head" lights. I thought they were so funny!

Special thanks to Papa for taking me around with Mommy, while Daddy passed out candy. Enjoy the pics, and Happy Halloween! :-)
Here are the pumpkins we carved! Daddy did the one on the right, it's traditional, and Mommy did the one on the left from a kit. And we roasted the seeds, but I wasn't allowed to have any, doh :-)
And here I am, the Fairy Princess!! I was pretty shy at first....
...but Papa said there would be candy involved, so I said 'Ok let's go!' ;-)
Can bunny go with us? I feel safe with him....
Ok bunny can stay here, but do you think my jacket will fit over my wings?
Our house is decorated, that's the smoke coming out of the fog machine.....ooooo, scary (hee hee)
Mommy let me put that spider in the web, it looked real, but I wasn't afraid of the "pie-dahs" :-)
These are the shrunken head lights that Daddy let me help put up, they glowed green - spooky!
We had this "zombie" buried in the mulch - I kept trying to dig him out!!
These feet glowed one at a time, like they were running away from the house ('cause it's so scary, tee hee) :-)
Aaaahhhhh, all done trick or treating, this princess is pooped! (But boy was it fun!!! I can't wait until next year, yay) :-)
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