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On Sunday, 3/30/08, we visited Orlando, Florida, for Katie's very first trip to Disney World. We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, and visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, the Magic Kingdom, the Disney Hollywood Studios, and Epcot - including our very special Princess Breakfast at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway.....it was a magical week, and here are some pics to share - Enjoy! :-)
Yay, we're on the airplane, and headed down to Disney World! It was my very first plane ride, and I thought it was so much fun!
Here's a pic out the window on the way down....we're almost there - I can't wait!
A few hours later, we reached our hotel room to freshen up, we stayed here:
Here's our room!
This was the view out of our window, we could see the river, it was so pretty :-)

We were in building six - this is a shot up the river....
After checking in, we headed over to Downtown Disney on the ferry boat, to get to my "Princess makeover" at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique :-)
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The next day, Monday, 3/31/08, we visited the Magic Kingdom. We also went to the MK on Thursday, 4/3/08. Click here to visit my "Magic Kingdom" page, with pictures from those two days :-)
On 4/1, we visited Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios (link to that page is below the pics), but for part of the day, we went back to our hotel to swim....here's a picture of me next to the fountain by our building :-)
I was afraid to swim, until I put on one of these life vests, then I loved it!
Here's a pic of our building, on our way back from the pool.....
At Epcot, we went to a Princess breakfast in Norway, and we saw Snow White....
...Sleeping Beauty...
...and Jasmine...

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On Wednesday, 4/2/08, we took a nice break from the main Disney parks, and visited with some friends from Florida - after we all went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (Downtown Disney), we headed to Disney's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, to see if we could ride ponies at the Tri-Circle D Farm. Click here to visit the "Pony" page!
It's Friday, 4/4/08, and we're all packed up and ready to go home.....I'll miss Disney, but I'm ready to go see Joey! (We can't wait to see him) :-)
Before we left for the airport, I played one last time on the playground at the hotel - for some reason Mommy and Daddy kept encouraging me to run and run (hee hee)....
....so I just kept running all round, since they told me to....
hmmmm, you think maybe they were trying to wear me out so I'd be tired on the airplane??? Nah, that can't be it ;-)
I made one last wish in the fountain of the hotel lobby - guess what I wished for? Shhh, I can't tell you or it won't come true, tee hee.....(Mommy keeps saying that it will come true - how does she know I wished to come back to Disney??) (lucky guess!) :-)
We're on the "Magical Express" bus heading for the airport...BYE DISNEY! I'LL MISS YOU!! :-)
View out the window of the airplane on the way back - here we come, Joey, we'll see you soon!
We had a wonderful time, and we can't wait to come back someday!!!!!
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