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This year my birthday party was at "Lazer Craze", a laser tag place. My theme was 'Monster High', and we had so much fun! Here are some pics from the day.....
I always get to open one present on my birthday party day, this year I got a 'Monster High' hair coloring kit!
Before my party, we blew up our special balloons for the day, but we accidentally popped this Monster High one, oops!! Oh well, it would have been pretty :-)
At least our other 'Monster High' balloon was ok, and it's my favorite doll, Frankie Stein :-)
Since we popped the first balloon, we pulled this one out of storage - we've used it before, but it still works!
And I loved my 'number 9' balloon, it was huge! ;-)
We had ordered our own Monster High cake toppers, so we just asked for a simple purple and pink cake :-)
Doesn't it look cool with our candles and rings!
And we also had rings that lit up that we put at each of the corners, it looked so cool! Here's a clip of what it looked like with the ring lights around it (it's not the actual cake, but you'll get the idea!!" ;-)
For my Monster High theme, I really wanted to dress up like Frankie Stein!
She's one of my favorites :-)
The first thing we got to do at Lazer Craze was their inflatables room - I'm excited!
We had so much fun in the bounce house!
My BFF Ava :-)
Woohoo! Whee! This is awesome!
After the inflatables, we took a short break in our party room before it was time for our first laser tag mission :-)
And this is our Mission Briefing room, let's go!
We all waited patiently for our instructions :-)
It's a little hard to tell, but that's me! I'm on the blue team!
After our first mission was complete, it was time for pizza.....mmmmmm, pizza ;-)
My Mommy watched us from the Observation Deck :-)
Time for our second laser tag mission - I'm blue again!
Hee hee, I glow blue, just like 'Spectra', one of my other favorite Monster High characters, here she is! :-)
Cake time!
We got all 9 candles lit!
And I blew them all out myself this time! :-)
Time to open presents! Woohoo, a new Monster High doll!
And another one, yay! ;-)
I also got a special "Birthday Princess" tiara :-)
We all had a great time!!
The flashing rings were a big hit, we put one in each goodie bag, along with these lollipops! (And other things, hee hee)
Ava and I tried out the lollipops on the way home - they were so good! :-)
Overall it was a really fun and tiring day, and we all had a blast!!
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