Welcome to my
party page!
On 12/17/11 we had my 8th birthday party at a game place called 'Rule 3', and I was also allowed to open a present today - I got a new DSi game and a 'Pirate Princess' pin - my birthday theme this year is pirates!! I love 'Pirates of the Caribbean' :-)
And here are my balloons for this year - this is a number eight, even though it kind of looks like a giant 'S', hee hee...
I also had a pink pirate balloon, and of course, Jack Sparrow!! He's so awesome ;-)
My plates were Jack Sparrow too :-)
We had our own pirate themed toppers purchased for thc cake, so we just needed the bakery to make a beach scene for us....I think they did a pretty good job!
And here it is with our toppers...we have a treasure chest, a telescope, pirate candles and rings, and of course - a tiny Jack Sparrow!!! Oh, and a number 8 candle, naturally, tee hee....
We also had a puzzle of a treasure map, but only the top part of it would fit!
At Rule 3 they had a giant white board with a birthday message just for me!!
First up it was arcade time!
It looks like I'm saying 'peace' but I'm really telling that I'm 2nd in line for the giant crane!!! Hee hee :-)
I didn't have to wait for the skeeball game though, and it was so much fun :-)
After 30 minutes in the arcade it was time for food...pizza was first, we were starving!! ;-)
Mmmmm.....pizza :-)
Ok, my friends and I are all full of pizza, where's the cake? ;-)
Woohoo, cake time!!
I made a wish and blew 'em all out (ok most of them, I had a little help...8 candles is a lot!) :-)
After pizza and cake, we made our way over to the mini bowling alley :-)
I like mini bowling because the bowling balls are smaller than regular bowling :-)
Come on, get a strike!! (We did, a few times!) ;-)
Whew, break time, mini bowling is hard work!
Yippee, presents time!!
I got some really cool presents from my friends :-)
And some cool cards, too ;-)
Overall it was a really great party, and I had so much fun with my friends!! (We won that ball in the giant crane game, woohoo!!)
And as Jack Sparrow would say...."Happy Birthday Me Hearty, ARRR, savvy??" tee hee hee ;-)