Welcome to my 7th Birthday Page!!!
This year I wanted a "makeover" birthday party, which we had at Cookie Cutters Hair Salon on December 19th. It was a blast! Here are pictures from that day, and from my actual birthday, 12/23/10....
Here are my birthday party balloons - the number '7' was much bigger than we expected! But I liked it (it kept turning the wrong way though, hee hee)
And here I am at Cookie Cutters, I'm ready to be pampered!
While we waited for everyone to arrive, we did a craft :-)
Yay, it's my turn to get my hair done!!
I asked her to put it up, she said she could do a 'french twist'
I had to be really patient :-) (Luckily we had movies to watch, 'The Princess and the Frog' was on)
(Special thanks to Papa for this pic)
Next she curled it....
And then I got to look at it in the mirror :-)
She even put a tiara on me, I felt like a Princess!
After my hair was done, it was time to have some pizza, yum ;-)
As soon as I was done eating, it was time to do my nails!
At first I picked purple, and then decided I wanted ALL the colors!! (And she said 'ok', woohoo)
After everyone's hair and nails were done, we had a fashion show, to show off our new looks - we all looked beautiful!!
Cookie Cutters took photos of us, too, one normal.....
....and one silly :-)
Then it was cake time - I thought my cake was so pretty!!
I made a wish....
...and when I opened my presents, I got it!!! (I was wanting that Unicorn Pillow Pet, yay!!)
Overall it was a really fun party, and I had so much fun with all my friends!!
It fits, and came with slipper socks too, which I totally love! (Pretty unbelievable, considering that I HATE socks, hee hee)
Since we get to open one present on Christmas Eve, Mommy also lets me open one present on my "Birthday Eve" (12/22/10), this year I got a Princess snuggie, yay!
Chloe thinks my Snuggie is 'snuggly' too ;-)
It's 12/23/2010, and I turn SEVEN today, wow!! We went up to Papa's for a little bit, and he had some 'birthday donuts' for me (yay!) - I really liked the powdered ones, can you tell??? ;-)
And he got me a really yummy cake :-)
Since my birthday is near Christmas, we got to see his Christmas tree too, it was so pretty! :-)
Overall it was an amazing birthday - thank you to everyone for EVERYTHING!! I can't wait until next year! :-)
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