Welcome to my 6th Birthday page!
On December 12th, 2009, I had my 6th Birthday party at the World of Bounce, and it was so much fun!! Here are some pictures from that day, and a few from my real birthday too (12/23/09) :-)
I'm all ready to go play at the World of Bounce!
I've been waiting for this since one of my friends had her party there last January!!
My theme this year was "Littlest Pet Shop", and we inflated some balloons to take with us - we didn't realize the cat balloon would be so huge, but I loved it!!
WHEEEEEeeeeee!!!! Now this is what I'm talking about!! :-)
The slides were so much fun :-)
My best friend Ava and I, took a break for a hug ;-)
Whew, I'm beat! I think it's time for some food....
First, we all had pizza...(that's my cousin Dyna on the right!)
(Special thanks to Papa for this pic)
And then we had cake! Cupcakes actually....they were so yummy :-)
It was a super fun party, and I had such a great time with all my friends!! :-)
On 12/22/09 I was allowed to open one present on my "Birthday Eve", it was a super soft Tinker Bell blanket, yay!
It's 12/23/09, my sixth birthday, woohoo!! Time to go up and see Papa, and get presents, tee hee...
He got me lots of great presents, and also this giant balloon, birthday donuts, and.....
...a yummy Oreo ice cream cake - YUM! YUM!
(Thanks, Papa!!)
Back at home, it was time to open presents from the Birthday Fairy, and Mommy and Daddy :-)
Woohoo! The Wicked Witch of the East! Now all I need is the Wicked Witch of the West, and my 'witch' collection from The Wizard of Oz will be complete! Yay!
Overall I had a great birthday party, and great birthday, thanks to everyone for everything!! :-)
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