Welcome to my *Princess Party* Page!
For my 4th birthday this year, I wanted my party to be a "Princess Party" - in fact, I've been asking for it since my last birthday (a whole year!).....so, on 12/15/07, that's exactly what I got :-) Hope you like the pics!
The first thing we had to do, was dress up like Princesses - of course! So I was Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), my cousin Anna was Belle, and my cousin Dyna was Snow White (just like Bunita) :-)
Then we decorated - we put up my Princess sign....
...a pink crown balloon....
...a sparkly balloon....
...and a Princess balloon (of course!) :-)
I made Mickey Mouse ears with some balloons!
Finally the room was ready.....
I wanted to open my presents, but my Mommy said we had to wait to have cake first ;-)
Yay, Princess cake! Just what I wanted....
Hmmm these little plastic Princesses on top aren't very tasty (hee hee)....(but the cake was yummy!)
Aahhh, the three Princesses are full of cake and happy :-)
Next Dyna and Anna helped me open my presents....
Dyna even read the cards to me :-)
Then it was Pinata time!
(The pull string kind, no hitting) :-)
Woohoo! Look at all the candy! (And guess what - I pulled the last ribbon that let all the candy out!)
Of course I had to try out my brand new Ariel blanket, and Princess pillow....
Then Dyna and Anna helped me try out my new "Crocodile Dentist" game that Dyna's family gave me - we didn't quite play it right, but it sure was fun! :-)
And after a long day of being Princesses, we all needed a nap - it was a great party - thanks to everyone who came over (despite the weather) - we all had a blast!! :-)
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