It's 12/23/06 and guess what - I'm THIS MANY today!!!!
                                 (Three! hee hee)
I wanted my cake to be "Strawberry Shortcake", so that was my birthday party theme - here's a pic of my plates and napkins - and I picked them out!
We decorated a little bit too - that's my birthday tree in the background, click here to see a clip of it! I was pretty anxious to open my presents :-)
Where is everyone? I'm ready to party!!
I wanted pink and yellow gumdrops to put on this tree, but since we forgot to buy some, we improvised with pink, purple, and yellow ribbons and tissue paper!
I'm so hungry, I could eat this bib - where's the cake??
Seriously, I'm gonna eat my own hand if I don't get some cake soon!!!!
YAY!!!! CAKE!!! It's almost too pretty to eat - and guess what, inside the plastic strawberry were two lockets just for me and my "berry best friend", hee hee....
Now that's more like it, yum yum yum.....
Now that I have a good sugar buzz, we can open presents - my cousin Dyna was a big help!
Woohoo, more presents!
I got a new tshirt that said "Aloha from Sesame Street", with Elmo and Zoe on it (thanks Aunt Jamie!!!), and I just had to wear it right away!
Bunita (my new Build-A-Bear Bunny) and I, got a matching set of scrubs - just call me 'Dr. Katie' :-)
But by far my favorite gift of the day was my new Barbie with Tanner, the 'amazing' doggie (thanks Aunt Sharon!!) - click here to see a clip of what he can do - he was hilarious!! :-)
Aaahh...this three year old is pooped, I'll just take a nap on my new Princess pillow book (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!), while Daddy builds my new trike-to-bike (thanks Papa!!).....ZZZzzzzz.......
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