It's 12/23/05 and guess what!
          I'm TWO!!!!!
My party this year was on my birthday, and the theme was "Tropical Paradise in Ohio, in December", a.k.a. the "Lilo & Stitch" party.
Special thanks to Aunt Jamie for all my cool party accessories!! :-)
Here are some pics....
Here we are all decked out in our "Hawaiian" gear, I just had to have a PINK grass skirt ;-)
Here's my "birthday" tree with all the presents underneath, I sure hope I get a new Elmo this year...
Chyna's all ready for the party too!
Can't have a tropical paradise without the sun!
The table's all set for our birthday luau.....
Here's a closeup of our 'Lilo & Stitch' plates, cups, napkins, and hats - they were awesome!!
Hmmm, 'Aloha' - does that mean 'time for presents'??
Yay, presents!! I didn't need any help this year opening them (ok maybe a little) :-)
ELMO!!!!! Gimme gimme gimme....
Did somebody mention other presents? I've lost interest now that I have Elmo, better get the cake ;-)
(just kidding, I loved all my presents this year!!)
Mommy made the cake herself this year, can you tell?? Hee hee...
Mmmm, it's just as good though, I love cake!
That's ok, Papa, I don't need a spoon, I've got my fingers..... ;-)
Good thing we had that gumdrop tree, I didn't get enough sugar in all that cake and frosting!!!
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