Welcome to my
Because our Orlando trip was in
December too, we decided that
this year for my birthday party I'd
just have a sleepover at our house
on 12/19/14. And on my birthday
we visited Papa like always! Here
are some pics from those days :-)
This year's party theme was "Hollywood
Glamour", with balloons to match!
These were my goodie bags, very
'Hollywood Glam', hee hee....
I even had a red carpet up to my
room, with a gold curtain!!
My friends are here and I'm ready to party!!
We had pizza, watched movies,
and played games too :-)
Time for cake - check out my red
carpet "movie star" cake!
It's easy to blow out the candles when
there are only two, hee hee!!
My friends got me some really cool
stuff, even their cards were awesome!
And their gifts were super cool too :-)
We all had a great time at my party!!!!
This one was my favorite, so sparkly ;-)
It's 12/22/14, my "birthday eve",
and I got to open one present - a
Hideaway hedgehog, I love it!!
The next morning was my 11th birthday,
12/23/14, and I got to open the rest of my
presents from my parents and the birthday
fairy - they were sooo awesome!!
We went over to Papa's for more
great gifts, including this lighting
craft for my room, it's so pretty!
(Thanks Papa!!!) :-)
And here's my cake from Papa, with just
two candles again, yippee!! (hee hee)
Two candles are so much easier to
blow out, woohoo :-)
The cake was awesome, and so were
all my gifts, thanks so much Papa!!
You're the best (always) :-)
It was another AMAZING birthday!! Thank you so much
to everyone for everything!!

This is my last "birthday" page, but I hope you've
enjoyed all of them! (I'm getting so big, hee hee) :-)
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