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Today is 12/23/04 and I'm one year old today - yay!!!!! Officially I turn one at 3:15 p.m. in the afternoon. We had a birthday party for me on 12/18/04, thanks so much to everyone who made it - it was so much fun!!!! Here are some pictures from that day.....
Here's my big birthday balloon, in pink, my favorite color!!
The table's all set for the party - that's my chair in the front!
A close-up of my birthday banner!
My centerpiece had to have Elmo - I LOVE ELMO!!
This bear is a gift from Mommy and Daddy, it says 'Kaitlyn's 1st Birthday, 12-23-04', and next to it is my birthday girl bib - bring on the cake!!
Ok, I've got my bib on, didn't someone mention cake??
I've still got my bib on, and I put on my party hat too - where's the cake???? ;-)
There's the cake!! MMMM.....yummy yummy yummy...
Mmmm that's what I was waiting for - more, more!!
Hey Mommy, I think my bowl is about empty, better cut me another piece :-)
Close up pic of my "Birthday tree", with all my birthday presents under it. It's fiber-optic, with lights that are yellow, blue, and of course - pink!! And it has a party hat and ribbons on top ;-)
Another angle of the table - here you can see our Christmas tree and my "Birthday tree" - that's where all my birthday presents go!
On 12/22 we had a terrible ice storm, and at 7:30 a.m. on my birthday, we saw a big green flash, and the power went out! I don't remember asking for no electricity for my bday, hee hee ;-) So Mommy and Daddy had to bundle me up so that we could survive the sub-zero temps overnight. But we made it! Here are a few pics from that day...
And one last thing for this page, on the left is a picture of me on Christmas Day, 2003, I was two days old.
And right next to it is a picture of me from Christmas Day, 2004, one year and two days old. Big difference!!
I weighed 4 lbs, 4 oz, and was 17.5 inches when I was born, and as of last Friday at my 12 month checkup, I weighed 19 lbs, 10 ounces and am 29 inches, woohoo!! :-)
This one is from around noon - it wasn't too cold in the house yet, it was about 65 degrees, so I just have my jacket on...(that doesn't sound too cold, but it was only 10 degrees outside, so it felt really cold!!)
This is just a few hours later - our kerosene heater went out, and we couldn't get it started again, so our temp dropped to 59 degrees, it was chilly! But I stayed happy eating my animal crackers ;-)

I have on two pairs of pants, two shirts, and three pairs of socks, plus my winter coat, hat, and mittens - I was snug as a bug!!
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Just to give you an idea, these are the trees behind our house - totally frozen!! And all the trees looked like this, even ths big ones, it was pretty incredible....